What to know before you join

Thank you for your interest in joining Search and Rescue. Here is some info to help you decide if volunteering with our organization is right for you. Fort McMurray Search and Rescue is a non-profit organization funded by the United Way, corporate and private donations, as well as government grants. We are a trained volunteer organization that assists the local RCMP or RMWB Emergency Services with search and other related tasks.


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SAR New Members Information page Nov 2016

Policies that need to be signed to join the team. 

FM SAR Code of Ethics

FM-SAR Code Conduct

Media and Image Release Form


Our Expectations

The very nature of our businesses means that we are expected to perform at a professional level during an emergency. After the fact is the wrong time for us to prepare. Due to this fact we require a high level of commitment and training from our volunteers.

To be a qualified searcher in Alberta you are required to have the following

1. Search and Rescue Basics Fundamentals Course (Emergency Response Institute).

This course includes eleven, two hour week night training seasons and one twenty four hour skill assessment. Four of the weekly courses need to be repeated every year to be kept up to date.

2. Standard First Aid and Level “C” CPR (or equivalent).

3. Incident Command System 100 (ICS -100)   http://www.aema.alberta.ca/ics-i-100

Ground SearchATV SearchSled SearchSwift WaterTrackingMedical AidIncident Support

Emergency Contact

I agree with the following

I am prepared to follow the directions of the Search Incident Commander through his/her organization. I understand that I am a volunteer and must adhere to the direction of Search Management in order to do my part.

Supported By

Untied Way Fort Mcmurray

Fort Mcmurray Search and Rescue

For Emergencies Call RCMP :


P.O. Box 5053, Fort Mcmurray, Alberta, T9H 3G2